2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is a two-seater, two-door sports car with a powerful engine, sleek design, and excellent handling.
Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is a two-door sports car that was produced by Nissan from 2002 to 2009. It is part of the Z series, which has a long history of producing high-performance sports cars.

The 350Z features a sleek and aggressive exterior design, with a low-slung body and wide stance. It has a distinctive long hood and short rear deck, giving it a classic sports car silhouette. The car is available in both coupe and convertible body styles, providing options for different driving preferences.

Under the hood, the 350Z is powered by a potent V6 engine. The initial models were equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, producing around 287 horsepower. In later years, the engine was upgraded, and the higher trim levels offered even more power. The car is rear-wheel drive, enhancing its performance and handling characteristics.

Inside, the 350Z offers a driver-focused cockpit with a minimalist design. The seats are designed to provide excellent support during spirited driving, and the driver's seat is adjustable to achieve the desired driving position. The dashboard features a simple layout, with clear and easy-to-read gauges.

The 350Z is known for its agile and responsive handling, making it a joy to drive on twisty roads or on the racetrack. It has a well-tuned suspension system that strikes a balance between comfort and performance. The car also features powerful brakes, providing confident stopping power.

Overall, the Nissan 350Z is a stylish and powerful sports car that offers a thrilling driving experience. Its combination of performance, handling, and sleek design makes it an appealing choice for car enthusiasts and those who appreciate a fun and engaging driving experience.

2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z Price Range

The price range of 2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z based on Nissan 350Z listings for sale on Ace1Auto website is: $5,900$26,990. This range is based on the dealer prices and MSRP of new and used Nissan 350Z models from various trim levels, colors, and options. The average price of a Nissan 350Z near you is $13,686. The Nissan 350Z is a two-seater, two-door sports car with a powerful engine, sleek design, and excellent handling.

2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z Price Range: $5,900 to $26,990

Explore 2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z listed for sale near you on Ace1Auto.

Models, Generations, Redesigns

The Nissan 350Z, also known as the Fairlady Z, has gone through various generations and revisions throughout its production lifespan. Here are the main models, generations, and notable redesigns of the Nissan 350Z:

  1. First Generation (Z33; 2003-2008): The first generation Nissan 350Z was introduced in 2003 as a successor to the Nissan 300ZX. It featured a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 287 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque. Initially, it was available as a coupe, but a convertible option was added in 2004. The first-generation 350Z received minor updates in 2006, including revised exterior styling, improved interior materials, and an increase in power output to 306 horsepower.

  2. Nissan 350Z NISMO (2007-2008): In 2007, Nissan introduced a high-performance version of the 350Z called the NISMO edition. It featured various performance upgrades, including a tuned suspension, lightweight forged alloy wheels, aerodynamic enhancements, and a more aggressive appearance. The NISMO edition produced 306 horsepower, the same as the standard 350Z.

  3. Second Generation (Z34; 2009-2020): The second-generation Nissan 350Z, known as the 370Z, was introduced in 2009. It featured a larger and more powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine producing 332 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. The exterior design was more angular and aggressive compared to the previous generation. The 370Z also received various performance upgrades, including an available SynchroRev Match system for smoother downshifting, a sport-tuned suspension, and improved aerodynamics.

  4. Nissan 370Z NISMO (2009-present): Similar to its predecessor, the 370Z NISMO edition is a high-performance variant of the 370Z. It features a more potent version of the V6 engine producing 350 horsepower and 276 lb-ft of torque. The NISMO edition also comes with sport-tuned suspension, upgraded brakes, aerodynamic enhancements, and unique exterior styling cues.

It's important to note that Nissan stopped production of the 370Z in 2020, and there hasn't been an official announcement of a direct successor. Nissan has hinted at the development of a new sports car, but details and specifics have yet to be confirmed.

Nissan 350Z Price Range By Years

Year Car model Avg. price Min. price Max. price Listings
2008 2008 Nissan 350Z Coupe $17,650 $14,488 $21,888 3 listings
2007 2007 Nissan 350Z Coupe $14,036 $9,598 $19,888 9 listings
2006 2006 Nissan 350Z Coupe $16,999 $16,999 $16,999 1 listing


Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Nissan 350Z is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 287 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque. It is available with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of performance, the 350Z is known for its lively and engaging driving experience. The V6 engine provides ample power, allowing the car to accelerate quickly and easily. The manual transmission option is favored by many enthusiasts for its precise shifts and added control, while the automatic transmission offers smooth and seamless gear changes.

The 350Z also features a well-tuned suspension system that balances a comfortable ride with excellent handling. The car feels planted and stable through corners, with minimal body roll. The steering is direct and responsive, further enhancing the car's performance and overall driving dynamics.

Overall, the Nissan 350Z offers a thrilling driving experience with its powerful engine, responsive transmission options, and exceptional handling capabilities.

Fuel Economy, True MPG

The fuel economy, MPG, of a Nissan 350Z varies depending on the year and engine configuration. Here is an average estimate of the MPG for different models:

  • 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z with a 3.5L V6 engine: around 17 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway.
  • 2009-2020 Nissan 350Z with a 3.7L V6 engine: around 18 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway.

It is important to note that these are just estimated average values and actual fuel efficiency may vary based on driving habits and conditions.

Interior, Exterior, Comfort

The interior of the Nissan 350Z is sleek and sporty, with a modern design. The cabin features a driver-focused layout, with a center console and controls that are within easy reach. The seats are comfortable and supportive, with adjustable features to help find the perfect driving position.

The exterior of the 350Z is eye-catching, with its low-slung and muscular stance. It has a wide and aggressive front grille, along with bold lines and curves that give the car a sporty and dynamic look. The 350Z also has a distinctive profile, with a long hood and a short rear deck, creating a streamlined and aerodynamic appearance.

In terms of comfort, the 350Z offers a number of features to enhance the driving experience. The cabin is well-insulated, reducing road and wind noise for a quieter ride. The air conditioning system is powerful and efficient, ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the cabin. Additionally, the seats are upholstered in high-quality materials, providing both comfort and support for long drives.

Overall, the Nissan 350Z offers a stylish and comfortable interior, matched with a striking exterior design. Whether on the inside or out, the 350Z provides an enjoyable and engaging driving experience.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Nissan 350Z is a sporty and performance-oriented coupe that offers a range of infotainment and connectivity features to enhance the driving experience.

One of the standout features of the 350Z is its audio system. The base model comes with a six-speaker audio system, while higher trims offer an upgraded Bose audio system with eight speakers. This system delivers high-quality sound and allows passengers to enjoy their favorite music with clarity and depth.

In terms of connectivity, the 350Z offers several options. It comes with a standard AM/FM radio with a CD player, allowing drivers to listen to their favorite stations and CDs. Higher trims also offer a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows drivers to connect their smartphones and stream music wirelessly, make hands-free phone calls, and access their phone's contacts and apps.

For those who prefer physical media, the 350Z also offers an auxiliary input and a USB port, allowing drivers to connect their devices and play music directly from their MP3 players or smartphones. Additionally, some models may come equipped with a satellite radio subscription, providing access to a wide range of radio stations and genres.

To enhance the driving experience, the 350Z also offers features like cruise control and steering wheel-mounted audio controls. These allow drivers to easily control the audio system and maintain a steady speed without taking their hands off the wheel.

Overall, the Nissan 350Z offers a range of infotainment and connectivity features that cater to drivers' needs and enhance their driving experience. Whether it's a high-quality audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, or convenient controls, the 350Z has something to offer for every driver.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Nissan 350Z is a sports car designed for performance, but it also comes equipped with a range of safety features to help keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Here are some of the key safety and driver-assistance features available on the Nissan 350Z:

  1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): The ABS helps prevent the wheels from locking up during hard braking, allowing for better control and stopping distance.

  2. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD): EBD automatically adjusts the amount of brake force applied to each wheel, optimizing braking performance and maintaining stability.

  3. Traction Control System (TCS): TCS helps prevent wheel slip during acceleration on low-traction surfaces, providing better traction and stability.

  4. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC): VDC monitors the vehicle's stability during cornering and can apply brake force to individual wheels if necessary to help maintain control.

  5. Active Head Restraints: The active head restraints are designed to move forward during a rear-end collision, helping to reduce the risk of whiplash injuries.

  6. Dual-stage Supplemental Front Airbags: The dual-stage front airbags deploy with varying degrees of inflation based on crash severity and seatbelt usage.

  7. Seat-Mounted Side-Impact Airbags: The seat-mounted side-impact airbags provide additional protection to the driver and passenger in the event of a side impact collision.

  8. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): The TPMS continually monitors the air pressure in all four tires and alerts the driver if the pressure is too low, helping to prevent tire blowouts and improve fuel efficiency.

  9. High-Strength Steel Frame: The 350Z features a high-strength steel frame that helps enhance occupant protection in the event of a collision.

  10. Optional Rearview Camera: Some models of the Nissan 350Z may be equipped with an optional rearview camera, providing a clear view of the area behind the vehicle to assist with parking and reversing.

It's important to note that while these safety features can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, they are not a substitute for responsible driving and attentive behavior behind the wheel.

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