2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

The Oldsmobile Aurora is a mid-size luxury sedan produced by General Motors from 1994 to 2003.
Oldsmobile Aurora

The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury sedan produced by the American automaker Oldsmobile from 1994 to 2003. It was initially introduced as a concept car in 1992 and received positive feedback, leading to its production.

The Aurora was known for its sleek and distinctive design, featuring a clean and aerodynamic shape. It had a long, curved hood and a wide grille, giving it a bold and aggressive look. The Aurora also had unique light clusters, with a distinctive combination of circular and oval-shaped lights.

Inside, the Aurora offered a spacious and comfortable cabin, with high-quality materials and well-designed controls. It had a modern and luxurious feel, with features such as leather upholstery, wood trim, and a premium sound system. The front seats were large and supportive, offering good comfort for long drives.

Under the hood, the Aurora was equipped with a powerful V8 engine. Initially, it was powered by a 4.0-liter Northstar V8 engine, producing 250 horsepower. Later models saw an upgrade to a 4.6-liter V8 engine, which increased the power output to 275 horsepower. Both engines were mated to a smooth and responsive four-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of performance, the Aurora offered a smooth and comfortable ride, with responsive handling and good acceleration. It had a well-tuned suspension, which provided a balance between comfort and sportiness. The Aurora also had advanced safety features such as antilock brakes, traction control, and airbags, ensuring the safety of its occupants.

Over the years, the Aurora received several updates and facelifts, with improvements made to its design, features, and performance. However, despite its positive reception, the Aurora faced declining sales and was eventually discontinued in 2003, as Oldsmobile ceased production. Nevertheless, the Aurora left a lasting impression as a stylish and luxurious sedan from Oldsmobile.

2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Price Range

The price range of 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora based on Oldsmobile Aurora listings for sale on Ace1Auto website is: $5,995$5,995. This range is based on the dealer prices and MSRP of new and used Oldsmobile Aurora models from various trim levels, colors, and options. The average price of a Oldsmobile Aurora near you is $5,995. The Oldsmobile Aurora is a mid-size luxury sedan produced by General Motors from 1994 to 2003.

2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Price Range: $5,995 to $5,995

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Models, Generations, Redesigns

Oldsmobile Aurora was produced from 1994 to 2003 and over its lifespan, it went through a few redesigns and generations. Here are the different models and generations of the Oldsmobile Aurora:

First Generation (1994-1999):

  • The first-generation Oldsmobile Aurora was introduced in 1994 as a 1995 model year. It featured a sleek and aerodynamic design, with rounded contours and a high beltline. It came with a 4.0-liter V8 engine producing 250 horsepower and a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • In 1997, the Aurora received a minor refresh with some exterior and interior updates, including new headlights, taillights, and a revised grille.

Second Generation (2001-2003):

  • The second generation of the Oldsmobile Aurora was launched in 2000 as a 2001 model year. It featured a more angular and contemporary design compared to its predecessor. It had a more aggressive front fascia, sharper lines, and a taller grille.
  • The second-generation Aurora came equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 215 horsepower or an optional 4.0-liter V8 engine producing 250 horsepower. Both engines were mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.


  • In 2001, the Aurora received a mid-cycle refresh, which included updated front and rear bumpers, as well as some interior improvements.
  • However, due to declining sales and financial difficulties faced by General Motors, the Oldsmobile brand was discontinued in 2004. As a result, the Aurora was no longer produced after the 2003 model year.

Overall, the Oldsmobile Aurora went through two generations, and though it had some minor updates and redesigns, its overall design and features remained fairly consistent throughout its production years.

Oldsmobile Aurora Price Range By Years

Year Car model Avg. price Min. price Max. price Listings
2002 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Sedan $5,995 $5,995 $5,995 1 listing

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury sedan produced by General Motors from 1994 to 2003. It was known for its sleek design and powerful engine options. Here are the details on its engine, transmission, and performance:


  • The first-generation Aurora (1995-1999) was available with a 4.0-liter DOHC V8 engine.
  • The second-generation Aurora (2001-2003) featured a more powerful 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine.


  • The first-generation Aurora came with a 4-speed automatic transmission.
  • The second-generation Aurora had a 4-speed automatic transmission as well.


  • The first-generation Aurora V8 produced 250 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, which allowed it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 8 seconds.
  • The second-generation Aurora V6 delivered 215 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque, resulting in a 0 to 60 mph time of about 8.5 seconds.
  • Both generations of the Aurora had a top speed of approximately 130 mph.

In terms of performance, the Oldsmobile Aurora was known for its smooth and refined ride. It offered good acceleration and handling characteristics for a luxury sedan of its time. However, it wasn't designed to be a high-performance vehicle like some of its competitors.

Overall, the Oldsmobile Aurora offered a combination of power, comfort, and style that appealed to luxury car buyers. It was a standout model for Oldsmobile during its production years.

Fuel Economy, True MPG

The fuel economy of an Oldsmobile Aurora varies based on the year and engine size. The 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora with a 3.5-liter V6 engine has an EPA estimated fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city and 25 MPG on the highway. The 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora with a 4.0-liter V8 engine has a fuel economy of 18 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway. These figures may vary slightly depending on driving conditions and individual driving habits.

Interior, Exterior, Comfort

The interior of the Oldsmobile Aurora is spacious and comfortable, with seating for up to five passengers. The front seats are well-padded and offer plenty of legroom and headroom. The rear seats are also roomy and comfortable, with ample legroom for adult passengers. The cabin is well-appointed with high-quality materials and a stylish design. The dashboard is well-organized and easy to use, with large, easy-to-read gauges and controls. The Aurora also offers a generous amount of cargo space, with a large trunk that can accommodate plenty of luggage or groceries.

On the exterior, the Oldsmobile Aurora has a sleek and aerodynamic design. The body is sculpted and streamlined, giving the car a modern and sporty look. The front grille is bold and distinctive, with a chrome finish that adds a touch of elegance. The Aurora also features stylish alloy wheels and a dual exhaust system, which further enhance its sporty appearance.

In terms of comfort, the Oldsmobile Aurora offers a smooth and comfortable ride. The suspension is well-tuned to provide a balanced and controlled ride, soaking up bumps and road imperfections with ease. The seats are well-cushioned and offer plenty of support, making long drives a breeze. The cabin is also well-insulated from outside noise, creating a quiet and peaceful interior environment. Additionally, the Aurora comes with a range of comfort features, including power-adjustable seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and a premium sound system, which further enhance the overall comfort and convenience of the car.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Oldsmobile Aurora is a mid-size luxury sedan that was produced by General Motors under the Oldsmobile brand from 1994 to 2003. Despite being an older model, the Aurora still offers a decent level of infotainment and connectivity features for its time.

  1. Audio System: The Aurora comes equipped with a standard AM/FM stereo with cassette player. Some models may also have a CD player. The audio system features multiple speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin for optimal sound quality.

  2. Radio Controls: The Aurora has radio controls conveniently located on the steering wheel. This allows the driver to easily change stations or adjust the volume without having to take their hands off the wheel.

  3. Climate Control: The Aurora features a dual-zone automatic climate control system. This means that both the driver and front passenger can set their own preferred temperature settings.

  4. Onboard Computer: The Aurora has an onboard computer that provides various information and control options. Some of the information displayed includes fuel economy, average speed, trip distance, and outside temperature.

  5. Navigation System: Some Aurora models may have an optional navigation system. This system uses GPS technology to provide turn-by-turn directions to a desired destination.

  6. Connectivity: The Aurora offers limited connectivity options compared to modern vehicles. It does not have built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls or audio streaming. However, some models may have an optional cell phone integration system that allows for hands-free calling through the car's audio system.

  7. Power Outlets: The Aurora has multiple power outlets located throughout the cabin. These outlets can be used to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or portable DVD players.

  8. Integrated Phone System: Some Aurora models may have an optional integrated phone system. This system allows for hands-free calling through the car's audio system. It can also store phone numbers and have speed dial functions.

Overall, while the Oldsmobile Aurora may not have the advanced infotainment and connectivity features found in modern vehicles, it still offers a decent level of convenience and technology for its time.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury sedan produced by General Motors from 1995 to 2003. Although it did not have as many advanced safety features as modern vehicles, it did come with several safety and driver-assistance features for its time. Some of the notable features included:

  1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): The ABS system helped prevent wheel lock-up during heavy braking, which helped the driver maintain steering control.

  2. Traction Control System (TCS): The TCS system helped reduce wheel spin during acceleration to improve traction and stability, especially in slippery conditions.

  3. Dual Front Airbags: The Aurora was equipped with dual front airbags to provide increased protection for the driver and front passenger in the event of a collision.

  4. Side-Impact Protection: The Aurora featured reinforced side-impact protection to enhance occupant safety in the event of a side collision.

  5. Front and Rear Crumple Zones: The car had front and rear crumple zones designed to absorb and distribute crash forces away from the occupants, minimizing the risk of injury.

  6. Child Safety Locks: The rear doors were equipped with child safety locks to prevent children from opening the doors from the inside.

  7. Daytime Running Lights (DRL): The Aurora had DRL, which automatically turned on the headlights during daylight hours to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

  8. Remote Keyless Entry: The remote keyless entry system allowed the driver to lock or unlock the car from a distance, enhancing convenience and personal safety.

  9. HomeLink Universal Transceiver: The Aurora offered the HomeLink system, which allowed the driver to control garage doors, gate operators, home lighting, and other compatible devices from inside the car.

It is important to note that these safety features were state-of-the-art at the time the Aurora was produced, but they may not be as advanced as the safety features found in modern vehicles. It is always recommended to check the specific model year and trim level of the Aurora to determine the exact safety features available.

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