2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is a sporty car designed for performance and driver enjoyment.
Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is a compact sports car that was produced by the Japanese automaker Scion, a division of Toyota. It was first introduced in 2012 and remained in production until 2016.

The FR-S is known for its sleek and sporty design, with a low profile and aerodynamic curves. It features a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, which is ideal for a sports car, as it provides better balance and handling.

Under the hood, the FR-S is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. It is available with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

The FR-S offers a smooth and engaging driving experience, with responsive steering and agile handling. It has a well-tuned suspension system that helps it stay planted to the road, making it a joy to drive on twisty roads or at the track.

Inside, the FR-S features a driver-focused cockpit with supportive sports seats and a minimalistic design. It has a simple and intuitive layout, with easy-to-use controls and a standard 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

While the FR-S may not have the most powerful engine in its class, its lightweight construction and well-balanced chassis make it a fun and enjoyable car to drive. It is a popular choice among car enthusiasts and those looking for an affordable sports car.

2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S Price Range

The price range of 2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S based on Scion FR-S listings for sale on Ace1Auto website is: $9,500$27,995. This range is based on the dealer prices and MSRP of new and used Scion FR-S models from various trim levels, colors, and options. The average price of a Scion FR-S near you is $18,905. The Scion FR-S is a sporty car designed for performance and driver enjoyment.

2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S Price Range: $9,500 to $27,995

Explore 2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S listed for sale near you on Ace1Auto.

Models, Generations, Redesigns

The Scion FR-S, also known as the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, has gone through several iterations since its initial release in 2012. Here are the different generations and redesigns of the Scion FR-S:

  1. First Generation (2012-2016):

    • The first-generation FR-S was a joint project between Toyota and Subaru.
    • It featured a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive platform and a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter flat-four engine that produced 200 horsepower.
    • Available transmissions included a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters.
    • The FR-S received praise for its precise handling and driver-focused dynamics.
  2. Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 (2014):

    • To commemorate the success of the FR-S, Scion released a limited-edition model called the Release Series 1.0.
    • It featured an exclusive Yuzu yellow exterior paint with matching interior accents and a unique aero kit.
    • Only 1,500 units were produced.
  3. Scion FR-S Release Series 2.0 (2015):

    • The Release Series 2.0 was another limited-edition model that enhanced the styling of the FR-S.
    • It included a custom-designed aero kit, quad tip exhaust system, and a rear spoiler.
    • The exterior was finished in a vivid Ultramarine blue color with black accents.
    • Only 1,000 units were made.
  4. Toyota GT86 (2017-present):

    • After Scion was discontinued, the FR-S was rebranded as the Toyota GT86 for the global market, except in the United States where it is still called the 86.
    • The GT86 features minor design updates compared to the FR-S but retains the same platform and engine.
    • The front fascia received slight revisions, including a new grille and bumper design.
    • The interior also received minor updates, such as a new infotainment system with smartphone connectivity.
  5. Toyota GR86 (2021-present):

    • The second-generation GT86/86 was introduced for the 2022 model year.
    • It received a more aggressive and modern design with sharper lines and a larger grille.
    • The engine was upgraded to a 2.4-liter flat-four that produces 228 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque, providing improved performance.
    • The GR86 features a stiffer chassis, retuned suspension, and a more refined interior with updated technology.

Overall, the Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 has undergone minor changes and updates throughout its lifespan, focusing on enhancing its performance and styling while retaining its core characteristics as a fun, affordable sports car.

Scion FR-S Price Range By Years

Year Car model Avg. price Min. price Max. price Listings
2016 2016 Scion FR-S Coupe $21,269 $14,491 $25,999 23 listings
2015 2015 Scion FR-S Coupe $19,782 $14,999 $27,995 16 listings
2014 2014 Scion FR-S Coupe $17,689 $14,950 $19,998 7 listings


Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Scion FR-S comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

In terms of performance, the FR-S is known for its precise handling and balanced chassis. Its low center of gravity and lightweight construction make it a joy to drive on twisty roads. The rear-wheel drive layout also adds to its agility.

The FR-S can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 6.5 seconds, which is respectable for a sports car in its price range. It has a top speed of around 140 mph.

The suspension is tuned for sporty handling, providing excellent grip and responsiveness. The FR-S also comes with a stability control system that can be turned off for a more spirited driving experience.

Overall, the FR-S offers a fun and engaging driving experience that is perfect for enthusiasts who value performance and handling.

Fuel Economy, True MPG

The Scion FR-S gets an average fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon (MPG).

Interior, Exterior, Comfort

The Scion FR-S is a sports car that offers a combination of sleek design and performance. Here are some details about its interior, exterior, and comfort features:


  1. Spacious cabin: Despite being a compact sports car, the FR-S has a surprisingly spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate two passengers in the front seats and two in the rear seats.
  2. Driver-focused cockpit: The FR-S has a driver-focused cockpit that puts all the controls within easy reach. The seating position is low, giving the driver a sporty feel and good visibility of the road.
  3. Sporty features: The interior of the FR-S is designed with a sporty theme, with features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and sport seats with added bolsters for better support during spirited driving.
  4. Infotainment system: The FR-S comes with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that includes features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration for easier access to music and navigation.


  1. Sporty design: The FR-S has a sleek and aerodynamic design that is characteristic of sports cars. It features sharp lines, a low stance, and a wide stance that gives it a confident and aggressive look.
  2. LED headlights: The FR-S comes with LED headlights, which not only provide better visibility but also add to the overall modern and premium look of the car.
  3. Dual exhaust system: The FR-S is equipped with a dual exhaust system that not only enhances its sporty appearance but also improves performance by allowing for better airflow and reducing backpressure.


  1. Dual-zone automatic climate control: The FR-S comes with dual-zone automatic climate control, which allows the driver and front passenger to set individual temperature preferences for optimal comfort.
  2. Supportive seats: The sport seats in the FR-S are designed to provide good support, even during spirited driving. They are made with high-quality materials and have added bolsters to keep occupants in place during high-speed maneuvers.
  3. Quiet cabin: Despite being a sports car, the FR-S has good insulation that helps to reduce road and wind noise, providing a comfortable and quiet ride.
  4. Power-adjustable driver's seat: The FR-S comes with a power-adjustable driver's seat, allowing the driver to find their preferred seating position for maximum comfort.

Overall, the Scion FR-S offers a comfortable and sporty driving experience with its well-designed interior, sleek exterior, and various comfort features.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Scion FR-S is known for its sporty performance, but it also offers a range of infotainment and connectivity features to keep you entertained and connected on the road.

One of the standout features of the FR-S is its 7-inch touchscreen display, which serves as the central hub for accessing all of the car's infotainment features. The touchscreen is responsive and easy to use, with clear graphics and intuitive menus.

The FR-S comes standard with a six-speaker audio system, but buyers can also opt for the available BeSpoke premium audio system, which features eight speakers, a navigation system, and smartphone integration. With the BeSpoke system, you can connect your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth or USB and access your favorite apps and features through the car's touchscreen.

In addition to smartphone integration, the FR-S also offers hands-free calling and audio streaming via Bluetooth, so you can easily make and receive calls or play your favorite music without taking your hands off the wheel.

For those who prefer a more personalized driving experience, the FR-S also offers a range of customizable settings through its "Sport" mode. With Sport mode activated, you can fine-tune the car's steering, throttle response, and stability control settings to suit your driving preferences.

Overall, the Scion FR-S offers a solid range of infotainment and connectivity features, making it a great choice for those who want a sporty car with all the modern conveniences.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Scion FR-S is a compact sports car that offers a range of safety and driver-assistance features designed to enhance the driving experience and promote a safe environment on the road.

  1. Anti-lock Brakes (ABS): The FR-S comes equipped with ABS, which helps prevent the wheels from locking up during braking, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.

  2. Traction Control: This feature helps to optimize traction and stability by reducing wheel spin and preventing loss of control during acceleration or when driving on slippery surfaces.

  3. Stability Control: The FR-S features stability control, which helps to prevent oversteer or understeer by applying individual brakes and reducing engine power when necessary.

  4. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD): EBD optimizes braking performance by automatically adjusting the amount of braking force applied to each wheel based on road conditions and vehicle load.

  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): This system alerts the driver if there is a significant change in tire pressure, helping to prevent issues such as blowouts and uneven tire wear.

  6. Dual-stage front airbags: The FR-S comes with dual-stage front airbags that deploy at different rates depending on the severity of the impact, providing increased protection for the driver and front passenger.

  7. Side Curtain Airbags: In the event of a side-impact collision, side curtain airbags deploy from the roofline to help protect the heads of the front and rear occupants.

  8. Reinforced frame and crumple zones: The FR-S has a reinforced frame and strategically placed crumple zones designed to absorb and redirect crash forces away from the cabin, helping to protect occupants in the event of a collision.

  9. High-strength steel construction: The FR-S is built using high-strength steel in key areas, providing a strong and rigid structure that enhances occupant protection and vehicle handling.

  10. Rearview Camera: Many models of the FR-S are equipped with a rearview camera, which provides a clear view of the area behind the vehicle when reversing, helping to prevent accidents when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.

These safety and driver-assistance features of the Scion FR-S work together to enhance the driving experience and promote a safer environment on the road.

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