2005 - 2007 Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum was a large, full-size estate car produced by Dodge from 2005 to 2008.
Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum is a mid-size station wagon that was produced by Dodge from 2005 to 2008. It was marketed as a sleek and sporty alternative to traditional SUVs and minivans.

The exterior design of the Dodge Magnum is characterized by its bold and aggressive styling. It features a low-slung roofline, a prominent grille, and muscular fenders, giving it a distinctive and muscular appearance. It has a long and wide stance, which contributes to its imposing presence on the road.

The interior of the Dodge Magnum offers a spacious and comfortable cabin with seating for five passengers. It features a well-designed dashboard with user-friendly controls and a variety of storage compartments. The rear cargo area is particularly generous, with a large opening and a flat load floor, making it convenient for transporting bulky items.

Under the hood, the Dodge Magnum offered a range of powerful and efficient engine options. These included V6 and V8 engines, with varying levels of horsepower and torque. All-wheel drive was also available, providing enhanced traction and handling capabilities.

The Dodge Magnum was equipped with a variety of safety features, including antilock brakes, traction control, stability control, and a full complement of airbags. Some models also offered optional advanced safety technologies, such as adaptive cruise control and a backup camera.

In terms of performance, the Dodge Magnum was known for its strong acceleration and respectable handling. The V8 models, in particular, offered impressive power and a thrilling driving experience. However, the Magnum's larger size and weight could sometimes make it feel less agile than smaller and lighter vehicles.

Overall, the Dodge Magnum offered a unique blend of style, practicality, and performance. It was a versatile vehicle that could comfortably transport passengers and cargo, while also delivering a spirited and engaging driving experience. Despite its popularity, production of the Dodge Magnum was discontinued in 2008, and the model is no longer in production.

2005 - 2007 Dodge Magnum Price Range

The price range of 2005 - 2007 Dodge Magnum based on Dodge Magnum listings for sale on Ace1Auto website is: $2,998$15,000. This range is based on the dealer prices and MSRP of new and used Dodge Magnum models from various trim levels, colors, and options. The average price of a Dodge Magnum near you is $9,588. The Dodge Magnum was a large, full-size estate car produced by Dodge from 2005 to 2008.

2005 - 2007 Dodge Magnum Price Range: $2,998 to $15,000

Explore 2005 - 2007 Dodge Magnum listed for sale near you on Ace1Auto.

Models, Generations, Redesigns

  1. First Generation (2005-2008): The Dodge Magnum was first introduced in 2005 as a five-door station wagon. It featured a bold design with a wide front grille and muscular lines. The Magnum was available with a range of engines, including a 2.7-liter V6, a 3.5-liter V6, and a 5.7-liter V8 Hemi. It also offered options like all-wheel drive and a high-performance SRT-8 model.

  2. Second Generation (Rumored): There have been rumors of a second generation of the Dodge Magnum, but as of now, there has been no official announcement from Dodge about a redesign. It's unclear if a new generation will ever be released.

  3. Redesign Concepts: Over the years, various artists and designers have created their own renderings and concepts for a redesigned Dodge Magnum. These concepts often feature more modern and aggressive styling, with sleeker lines and a more aerodynamic shape. Some concepts have also envisioned the Magnum as a crossover SUV, combining the versatility of a station wagon with the off-road capabilities of an SUV.

Overall, while there hasn't been an official redesign or new generation of the Dodge Magnum since its initial release, there is still interest and speculation about the possibility of a comeback in the future.

Dodge Magnum Price Range By Years

Year Car model Avg. price Min. price Max. price Listings
2007 2007 Dodge Magnum Wagon $8,095 $2,998 $11,988 5 listings
2006 2006 Dodge Magnum Wagon $12,000 $8,999 $15,000 2 listings
2005 2005 Dodge Magnum Wagon $10,248 $7,999 $11,999 4 listings

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Dodge Magnum was available with a variety of engine options over its production years (2005-2008). The base engine was a 2.7-liter V6, which produced 190 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque. This engine was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission.

There was also a 3.5-liter V6 engine available, producing 250 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. This engine was mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.

For those seeking more power, there were two V8 options available. The first was a 5.7-liter Hemi V8, producing 340 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. This engine was paired with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The second V8 option was a 6.1-liter Hemi V8, producing 425 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. This engine was also mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of performance, the Magnum could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 6 seconds with the 5.7-liter V8 engine. The 6.1-liter V8 engine could achieve the same acceleration in the mid-4-second range.

Overall, the Magnum offered a range of engine options to suit different performance preferences, with the V8 engines providing strong acceleration and power. The automatic transmissions were generally smooth, but some owners have reported issues with the reliability and durability of the transmissions.

Fuel Economy, True MPG

The fuel economy, or MPG, of a Dodge Magnum will vary depending on the model year, engine size, and driving conditions.

On average, a Dodge Magnum with a 2.7-liter V6 engine has an MPG of around 17 in the city and 24 on the highway.

A Dodge Magnum with a 3.5-liter V6 engine may have an MPG of around 16 in the city and 23 on the highway.

A Dodge Magnum with a 5.7-liter V8 engine may have an MPG of around 15 in the city and 22 on the highway.

It is important to note that these figures are averages and the actual fuel economy may vary. Additionally, factors such as driving habits, road conditions, and vehicle maintenance can also affect the MPG of a Dodge Magnum.

Interior, Exterior, Comfort

The interior of the Dodge Magnum is spacious and comfortable. It offers plenty of legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers. The seats are supportive and plush, making long drives more enjoyable. The cabin features high-quality materials and a well-designed layout. The dashboard is ergonomic and easy to use, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly infotainment system. The overall design of the interior is sleek and modern, giving the Magnum a luxurious feel.

The exterior of the Dodge Magnum is stylish and eye-catching. It features bold and muscular lines that give it a sporty and aggressive look. The front grille is large and imposing, giving the car a commanding presence on the road. The Magnum has a low and wide stance, which contributes to its athletic appearance. It is available in a range of attractive colors and can be customized with various trim levels and optional features.

The comfort of the Dodge Magnum is exceptional. It offers a smooth and quiet ride, thanks to its well-tuned suspension and sound insulation. The seats are comfortable and supportive, even on long drives. The Magnum also has a spacious trunk with a large opening, making it easy to load and unload luggage or groceries. The car's climate control system is effective and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Overall, the Dodge Magnum provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Dodge Magnum offers a range of infotainment and connectivity features to enhance the driving experience.

One of the main features is the Uconnect® system, which includes a touchscreen display and allows for hands-free calling, navigation, and access to other features. The Uconnect system also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing users to connect their smartphones and access their favorite apps and music.

In addition, the Dodge Magnum offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to connect their devices wirelessly to the vehicle's audio system for streaming music and making calls.

For music enthusiasts, the Magnum comes equipped with a premium sound system, delivering high-quality audio. Some models also offer a built-in DVD system, allowing passengers to enjoy movies or other entertainment during long drives.

Other connectivity features include USB ports and auxiliary inputs, allowing drivers to connect various devices and media sources to the vehicle's audio system.

Overall, the Dodge Magnum offers a range of infotainment and connectivity features to keep drivers and passengers entertained and connected on the road.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Dodge Magnum is a mid-size car that was produced by Dodge from 2005 to 2008. While it may not have the most advanced safety and driver-assistance features compared to newer models, it still has some notable features that can enhance the overall safety and driving experience. Here are some of the safety and driver-assistance features of the Dodge Magnum:

  1. Anti-lock Brakes (ABS): The Dodge Magnum comes equipped with ABS, which helps prevent the wheels from locking up during hard braking, allowing the driver to maintain steering control.

  2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC): The ESC system helps improve stability and prevent loss of control by selectively applying brakes and reducing engine power if necessary. This feature is particularly useful during abrupt maneuvers or in slippery conditions.

  3. All-speed Traction Control: This feature helps prevent wheel slip during acceleration by selectively applying the brakes and reducing engine power to the wheels that are slipping.

  4. Brake Assist: The Dodge Magnum has a brake assist system that can detect emergency braking situations and provide additional brake pressure to help shorten stopping distances.

  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): The TPMS constantly monitors the tire pressure and alerts the driver if any tire's pressure is significantly low, helping to prevent unsafe driving conditions and potential tire failure.

  6. Advanced Multi-stage Airbags: The Dodge Magnum is equipped with multi-stage front airbags that deploy with varying force depending on the severity of the impact. This feature helps reduce the risk of airbag-related injuries.

  7. Side Curtain Airbags: The Magnum also has side curtain airbags that deploy from the headliner to protect all occupants in the event of a side-impact collision, providing additional protection to the head and upper body.

  8. Rear Parking Assist System: Some models of the Dodge Magnum come with a rear parking assist system that uses sensors to detect objects behind the vehicle and provides audible warnings to the driver, making parking easier and safer.

  9. Rain-Sensing Wipers: The Dodge Magnum offers rain-sensing wipers that automatically detect rain on the windshield and adjust the wiper speed accordingly, improving visibility in wet weather.

While the Dodge Magnum may not have the latest advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assist, it still offers a range of essential safety and driver-assistance features to enhance the overall safety and driving experience.

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